How are the weekends set up?
The format of our weekends is fairly consistent. Quilters arrive in the afternoon
on Friday, and stay through Sunday after lunch.

What happens to our quilting space - do we need to set up a sewing
area each day?
Our sewing room remains set up throughout the weekend, so you are invited
to sew well into the night, and are free to start up again first thing in the
morning.A unique project is designed especially for each weekend.

What will I be working on?  
Each quilter is supplied with instructions.  Quilters may also choose to bring
additional projects, or work solely on their own project (we all have some of
those projects that we have been wanting to finish!).  

What if I am not a very experienced quilter?
The quilt project is designed to be substantially done before the quilter leaves
(you may not have the top assembled, but you will know just what you need to
do in order to finish your quilt), and is achievable by a confident beginner.
Throughout the weekend we provide instruction and answer questions that
may arise.

What do I need to bring?
Quilters are expected to bring their normal quilting needs (sewing machine,
fabrics, threads, sewing kit, etc).  A detailed list will be sent a month or so
before the weekend.

This sounds wonderful - how much does it cost?
The fee for the weekend is just $325.00 (based on double occupancy) and
includes all meals and lodging from Friday supper to Sunday lunch, and
instruction, not to mention welcome gifts, door prizes, and just too much fun!

Great!  How do I sign up?
You can sign up by sending us an e-mail (click on the link below), or call either
Kate or Karen (their phone numbers are available on the 'about us' page!).
Karen                 Kate
FrequentlyAsked Questions
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