Got Friends?

Have a Private Retreat

For more than a decade, Kate and Karen have been hosting retreats for friends, stranagers, and strangers who become friends.  Let us do the same for you.

Is Your Guild Looking For A Memorable Event?

We can tailor a weekend for your group. We have experience in all aspects of the art of quilting, and can enhance your group's skills.

How Many Quilters Do We Need?

We ask that you have a group of 16 quilters to schedule your own retreat.

What Do We Have To Do

We handle everything -we plan the meals, organize the roommate lists, design a project, and arrange for quilt shop discounts for your group. Just let your group know about it!

Sounds Wonderful. How Much Does It Cost?

 The fee for the weekend is just $350.00 for Friday arrival or $450.00 for Thursday arrival (based on double occupancy) and includes all meals except Friday lunch, instruction, welcome gifts, door prizes, and just too much fun! 

Perfect! How Do We Get The Ball Rolling?

Go to the 'Contact Us' page, and email or call Kate or Karen.